Heart Canvas Using Melted Crayons

Finished crayon heart art

Finished crayon heart art

This is a really fun and easy project to do with your kids and it turns out beautiful!
You will need: a canvas (I used a 16×20 inch white canvas), crayons that have the paper removed (I used some from our collection of broken crayons), hot glue gun, blow dryer and newspaper to keep it from being too messy.
For the project you will take your canvas and glue your crayons into a heart shape, we used rainbow colors for our, but as always use your creativity for color choice. Once all the crayon pieces are glued on lay out the newspaper. You will want to use this paper under the canvas as you blow dry the crayons and melt them, it will get messy and sometimes run off the canvas.
Warm up your blow dryer and place it INSIDE the heart you made and aim outward.
Blow dryer melting the crayons

Blow dryer melting the crayons

It’s best to have the canvas on a flat surface so that the crayon meltings will run in a straight line away from the heart. If the canvas is tipped it will start blending together. If you need the crayon to melt further down the canvas just keep blowing the dryer at an angle away from the heart.
Once it has dried, your art is complete. For mine, I did paint the inside of the heart with white acrylic paint to cover any imperfections. I was planning on putting something in the middle, but haven’t decided exactly what I would like to do. So for now it is being displayed as shown and it’s still beautiful. Please feel free to share ideas in the comments or pictures of your work. I love seeing what others have made using the same idea!


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